Agenda For the old Nevada City Airport Area By The Greater Cement Hill Neighborhood Association


gchna letter planning commission February 2019

What we want:

  • We support the proposed uses of the old airport for solar power generation and recreational uses such as sports field, performance space for daytime use, a Nisenan cultural center etc.
  • We would like to see the area structured in such a way that in a fire emergency its center can serve as short-term emergency refuge, especially in case other evacuation routes in the area are blocked or overwhelmed. We envision a central gathering space, possible multi-use for sports or daytime events with some raised panels to be used as shade structures and protection from falling debris in an emergency.
  • We want fencing and landscaping that is both fire resistant and aesthetically pleasing. We encourage budgeting and resourcing of expert help for the implementation of the project.
  • We want to see an increase in evacuation options rather than a blockage due to a single, fenced off monolithic area. Pathways between the various sections should be dimensioned to at least allow access by emergency vehicles.
  • Continued fire safe maintenance of all surrounding roads, in particular Airport Road, Tower Hill Road and West Airport Road
  • A cultural center to the Nisenan to be established at a location and in a fashion suitable to and determined by the representatives of the Nisenan people inside or outside the solar facility. We acknowledge their request for 10 acres adjacent to the BLM land.
  • Raised panels to provide shaded parking at the various entrance points are desirable
  • Active involvement of the neighborhood and GCHNA as stake holders along the various steps of planning.

What we don’t want:

  • A single, cordoned off, monolithic, uninviting area which forces walkers, runners and bicyclists onto a single path along a dreary security fence with a view dominated by solar panels.
  • Any nuisance to the neighbors caused by equipment, for example by humming or hissing inverters
  • Any after dark nuisance such as additional traffic, noise or light pollution; no bathrooms or picnic tables or facilities that might encourage long-term lingering.
  • Large panels blocking the view of surrounding natural forest and horizon. Unless panels are raised for a purpose (such as shade structures) they should keep a low profile and not overwhelm the setting.

Matching funds for Fire Risk Contributions

If you performed work to minimize fire risk on your property you can double the benefit to our community. Public funds are available matching our fire-wise efforts dollar for dollar for work you did yourself or paid someone. These funds will be used towards our fire-wise programs. Simply fill out this form and mail it to GCHNA, P.O. Box 1343, Nevada City 95959.