Mission Statement & Purpose

Mission Statement

To protect and preserve the rural qualities of our neighborhood by providing a forum for group action as needed.


  • Communicate information quickly and efficiently about matters of neighborhood interest to its members and associates.
  • Raise funds and supply volunteer labor for projects that enhance or improve our neighborhood.
  • Be an organization through which our neighbors can meet and get to know each other in meetings and social gatherings.
  • Work to reduce fire hazards in our community.
  • Promote safety on Cement Hill Road and local trails.
  • Collaborate and communicate with Nevada County Board of Supervisors and Departments.
  • Identify and help preserve historic sites in the area.
  • Represent and provide balance of diverse interests in reviewing and prioritizing projects or issues of concern to our neighborhood.
  • Support other neighborhood associations as their interests coincide with GCHNA.

Association By-Laws
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