Steering Committee Members


  • President: Patricia Fuenzalida (
  • Treasurer: Susan Wiesner (
  • Secretary: Ellen Hagan
  • Membership Coordinator: Joy Elson (


Airport Road: Annette Seabury
Includes Tower Hill Road, West Airport Road, East Piper Lane, and Sheriff Road.

Applewood Lane: Elena Rayo
Includes Indian Shack Road.

Augustine Road / Excelsior Ditch Camp Road: Open
Includes Leisure Lane and Lazy Oaks Drive.

Daisy Blue Mine Road: Eve Collins

Gochine Drive: Gregg Dwight
Includes Mt. Auburn Circle.

Sunrock Road: Patricia Fuenzalida

Indian Flat Road: Joanne Brown
Includes Indian Trails, Country Circle, Woods Ravine Ct. and Robinson King Road.

Wet Hill Road: Suuzi Webb
Includes Sierra Springs Circle, and Elliot Way.

Lower North Bloomfield Road: Justin Sternberg

West End Cement Hill: Ellen Hagan
Includes Sunshadow Circle, Cedarsong Road, and Garesio Ranch Road.

Upper Cement Hill: Jeff Coleman-Hunt
Includes Pine Tree Place, Diamond Oak Drive, Bodie Ridge Road, Skyranch Road and Elysian Way.

Central Cement Hill: Joy Elson
Includes Whispering Oaks, Merryhill Way, Gold Court, Spanish Quartz, Ragon Road, and Fox Hill Road.

Lower Cement Hill: Brian Waag
Includes West Piper, Deer Crest, Rancheria Court, Red Hill Road, Foster Driveway, Picton, Picton Way, and Foster Road.

Southside Cement Hill: Debbie Wandro
Highway 49, including Columbine Court, Delphine Lane, Shoshoni Trail, Old Faithful Court, Carli Way, Crooked Arrow Lane, John Barleycorn Rd., Frost Court and Cavanaugh Lane.


Christy Barden
Eileen Jorgensen
Uli Paulin
Susan Wiesner
Bill Holman


Newsletter Editor: Ellen Hagan
Design & Layout: Bill Holman
Copy Editor: Eve Collins
Webmaster: Joy Elson

GCHNA is seeking new people for the Secretary and Treasurer Positions.

For more information/job descriptions, click here.

If you are interested
in joining our team of officers, or if you have any questions, please let us know by sending an email to