Firewise Community

Thank you to all GCHNA neighbors who keep your property as fire-safe as possible!

GCHNA is a recognized Firewise USA Community.

To qualify, we are required to report on the ongoing work that residents do each year to reduce wildfire risks, while addressing the areas identified in the community wildfire assessment plan. We must must annually submit a renewal to maintain our “in good standing” status.

Our community’s effort to reduce wildfire risk each calendar year is reflected in the risk reduction investment of all the hours worked and dollars spent on our properties.

For 2020, 47 homeowners submitted their mitigation forms that totalled $411,240. This contribution, along with other Firewise communities, help in getting “in-kind” grants for Nevada County.

Click here for the GCHNA Firesafe Mitigation Form that you can use as a guide as you perform defensible space work on your property this year.


If you would like to join this very important GCHNA committee as a team member, please send an email to

The Firewise Committee does the following:

  • Represents the National Firewise Protection Agency in Colorado to keep our local GCHCA certification.
  • Collects and quantifies yearly mitigation numbers from members to keep official Firewise certification.
  • Write, detail, and record a five-year master Plan of Action for Fire mitigation in GCHCA.
  • Represents GCHCA at the yearly Fire Preparedness Education Day in May organized by Firewise Council.
  • Attends monthly Firewise Coalition meetings and report back to GCHCA.
  • Writes articles for GCHCA Newsletter.
  • Advises and consults with GCHCA Road Reps.
  • Organizes scotch broom pulls and weed abatement.