Firewise Community

Thank you to all GCHNA neighbors
who keep your property as fire-safe as possible!



Help is needed yearly from residents for continued qualification.

To continue to qualify as a Firewise Community, each year we are required to report on the ongoing work that residents do to reduce wildfire risks, while addressing the areas identified in the community wildfire assessment plan. We must must annually submit a renewal to maintain our “in good standing” status.


Our community’s effort to reduce wildfire risk each calendar year is reflected in the risk reduction investment of all the hours worked and dollars spent on our properties.


For our certificate renewal in 2022, 98 residents plus Nevada City and the BYLT submitted forms on behalf of our neighborhood. All together we reported $825,560.26 in cash expenditures. The credit we received for hours spent was $616,007.36. Grand total: $1,441,567.62!


This contribution, along with contributions from other Firewise communities, help in getting “in-kind” grants for Nevada County.



If you would like to join this very important GCHNA committee as a team member, click here for more information.





Download the 2022 Certificate of Recognition from the National Firewise Program, certifying that the Greater Cement Hill Neighborhood has completed the program’s annual requirements, and is a participating site in good standing. This certificate may be helpful or useful to give to your home insurance provider.


View GCHNA’s 2021 Three-Year Firewise Community Action Plan


Firewise Information Packet Download the digital version of the prepared by the GCHNA Firewise committee. Request a hard copy by contacting your Neighborhood Rep.


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Nevada County Coalition of Firewise Communities
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Ready Nevada County Evacuation Zones Click Here


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Ready Set Go HandbookView/Download


Nevada County Fire Safe Council Click Here


California Fire Safe Council Click Here


2022-2023 Wildfire Season Preparedness GuideView/Download


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(for Homeowner or Renter)

Every 10 years
we need to do a
risk assessment
and this is the year!


Due July 1, 2023


To help GCHNA’s Firewise Committee with this survey, please fill out and submit your Risk Assesment Survey form by our phase one date of July 1, 2023.


For more information,
click here.


To fill out the survey online:
(Using the online form is
very helpful for us.)


To download the printable form
to mail in:

(or use as a worksheet
before you fill it out online)

Firesafe Mitigation Forms
are due on or before
November 1st.

Use the form as a guide as you perform defensible space work on your property this year, and then submit by mail or online.


You do not have to be a GCHNA Member to submit a Firesafe Mitigation Form.


Download the form
and mail to GCHNA
(or use as a worksheet
before filling it out online)


~~ OR ~~


to submit the form online.

Some older web browsers may suggest that it isn’t a secure form, but please be assured that It is a secure form.