New Volunteers Taking on Greater Roles

After a great turnout for our January Steering Committee Meeting, we were able to fill a
number of open positions with volunteers. Thanks to all for their enthusiasm and participation.

Three new neighborhood reps have been named:
• Debbie Wandro for Southside Cement Hill
• Terry Wagner and Bill Sheatsley for Indian Flat

Bob and Susie Willour will be representatives at large and they also volunteered to serve on the audit committee.

Alana Lucia will be our webmaster – improving and maintaining our website.
You may already have noticed some changes. She is busy gathering material to post so the site will be a ready source of information for the neighborhood. If you have suggestions to improve the site, please email Alana at

By Susan Wiesner, GCHNA Treasurer

Steering Committee Update

GCHNA finds itself at a crucial time in its over 20 years of community involvement.  The Steering Committee must grow and new energy is needed on the committees that keep the organization going. At this time we have neither a President nor Vice President.

At the September picnic, our informal survey showed agreement on the value of what GCHNA provides: discounted propane, a newsletter, education particularly on fire preparedness, being a voice for neighborhood concerns, and providing opportunities for
social interaction. Additional services like providing activities for families with children and specialized social events were suggested.

At the October meeting, the Steering Committee made some changes that will allow us to continue to function while we recruit new members and deal with our lack of leadership. Beginning in January, we will meet quarterly rather than monthly. Committees will meet separately as needed. We will narrow our focus in terms of what we provide; our obligations as a Firewise Community being of primary concern. We’ll continue efforts to recruit new members by inviting interested people to meetings with a catered dinner.

Can you help? We need:

*People with energy and enthusiasm to attend meetings and eventually take a leadership role

*People to help plan social events

*Someone with computer knowl- edge to upgrade the web site

*Someone to head the Firewise Community committee to assure that we meet our obligations of providing information to our members and organizing participation in community events like the Scotch Broom pull.

*Someone to implement new ideas for families, like a list of families who want to carpool or a summer activity sponsored by GCHNA.

As you complete the membership form this year, please take the time to give us your email address knowing that it will be used to inform you of meetings and events.

Consider attending a dinner meeting and getting more involved.

Contact Ellen Hagan 265-9746 if you would like to attend the April 1 dinner meeting.