Event on June 9, 2019


You are invited to learn about specific fire safety strategies in your own neighborhood by observing a staged Fire Drill on Sunday, June 9th.  Selected neighbors have volunteered their homes as locales for staged fire/rescue events that will demonstrate the challenges of fire intrusion, evacuation, and fire fighting techniques.


 Please come out and join the first responders who are practicing for the real thing. .  You are welcome to ask questions and give them information about your neighborhood.  This one-day training event (Sunday, June 9th) will involve 15 to 20 engine companies, some from as far away as Sacramento, and 12 homes in Greater Cement Hill.  GCHNA Firewise Chair Beth Enoch and the Firesafe Council are organizing this event. 


  • 8:30-9:30 AM General Briefing of engine companies on the steps of the Rood Center.  Volunteer Homeowners are encouraged to attend.
  • 9:30-11:30 AM CODE RED ADVISORY sent out to community.  Volunteer Homeowners should NOT evacuate.  Engine companies will deploy to volunteer homes to review fire preparation, do door-to-door Evacuations Notifications,  and discuss Shelter in Place points, emergency transportation of non-ambulatory citizens and animal rescues and evacuation routes with Volunteer Homeowners and their neighbors.  Encourage neighbors to participate!  Ask your questions!
  • 11:30-4:00 PM A secondary CODE RED – “Mandatory Evacuation” will be issued to allow trial evacuations.  This is a good time to load your vehicle with your “go bags,” your pets and your family and drive your anticipated evacuation route.   During this period, engine companies will do three Rotations of First Responders with surprise incidents within incidents at selected Volunteer Homes.  During this phase, please save your questions and let the Responders do their drill events.  

Afterward, (4:00-5:00 PM) there will be a debriefing and review followed by a light dinner at the Rood Center.  The neighborhoods are encouraged to join the first responders at this event and discuss the results of the Fire Drill, but First Responders will be served first!


For more information, contact your local Road Representative or visit our website at


Participating homes in the Fire Drill on June 9th:

  • Owen residence at 13620 Bodie Ridge Rd.
  • Weisberg residence at 12730 Daisy Blue Mine Rd.
  • Seabury residence at 10590 W. Piper Lane
  • Reski residence at 10515 Merryhill Way
  • McConnell residence at 18623 Augustine Rd.
  • Brown residence at 16061 Indian Flat
  • Schneider residence at 17622 Country Circle
  • Bushmann residence at 14381 Sunrock Rd.
  • Webb residence at 15275 Wet Hill Rd.
  • Barden residence at 10141 Cedarsong Rd.
  • Tretheway residence at 14140 Gochine
  • Enoch residence at 10475 Indian Trail

Please!  If you visit any of the above volunteer homes to witness the Fire Drill, be sure to park far enough away from the residence so as to not impede the first responders, their large fire trucks, ambulances, and the like.  Your neighbors have graciously volunteered their homes for this drill, so let’s all be respectful of their properties.  Thanks!