Augustine “Slide” Zone

Supervisor Nate Beason communicated to GCHNA, the following:

Augustine is going to present a challenge. We have taken appropriate temporary remedial action, but if any more cracks appear in the soil, we may have to close it. Staff has been looking at using Excelsior Ditch Camp should an alternate roadway be necessitated from a safety standpoint.

We are looking also at what long-term measures may be required.

If we have to use Excelsior, we’ll make some improvements prior.

Where, O where is the CDBG for CFD #0007-1?

The information I received earlier today is that it is HUD that is the delay. If it’s the state, McC’s office hasn’t communicated that to me. Supposedly, the state sent the waiver request to HUD in DC (Mr. Rhodeside) last Friday. He kicked the letter back to the state to send to the HUD SF office (One might wonder why he didn’t send it directly to a subordinate office himself rather than go back through the state). Maybe that story is bogus. As well, supposedly, it is HUD SF that has asked the state to conduct a field visit (after almost a year). Maybe that’s another piece of fiction. I’m wondering if your office, McC’s and Boxer’s are all in synch. As far as I’m concerned, based on what I’ve been told, HUD in DC (Rhodeside) created the latest problem.

As you can see, we have a lot of confusing information. We have been informed by Mr. McClintock’s office all along that HUD is ready and waiting to approve the waiver. I no longer believe that, obviously. We have been informed all along that the state is VERY suppo  Nartive of the waiver. That appears to be another fairy tale. I ho[e we now don’t get into a situation where the offices of our state and federal reps toss this back and forth as to whose issue it is. The constituents are the ones who are suffering in all this.” Nate Beason, Thursday – April 7, 2011